PD-5 is the fastest and lightest NSA/CSS EPL listed hard drive destroyer on the market. With the optional SSD-1 solid-state destroyer you can both perforate and waffle solid-state, flash, compact flash, USB Thumb drives and  solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs).

  • NAS/CSS EPL Listed Destroyer
  • Destroys all kinds of Hard drives
  • Destroys SSDs with optional Adapater
  • Middle East Specifications
Retail Price : AED 42,000.00

With Garner HD-2 Degausser, you can safely erase your Hard drives ( Desktop, laptop and network upto 1.5" high) and tape media like LTO, DLT, SDLT, DDS, AIT, 3590,3592 etc.

  • Most Popular Degausser in Class
  • 60 Seconds Erase cycle.
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • Erases All Hard drives and tapes
  • Portable only 15 kilos weight
Retail Price : AED 21,000.00

The HD-3WXL is the newest and most innovative product in the Garner line of degaussers.

  • Erases all hard drives and Tape media including all formats of LTO
  • Continuous duty rating (no cooling necessary) and 10 second cycle time
  • Middle East Specification 220-240 Volts
  • 1 Year Warranty ( Warranty Extensions available)
Retail Price : AED 55,000.00

Garner PD-4 physically destroys hard drives by bending, breaking and mangling the hard drive and its internal components including the data platters. The data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the hard drive housing is cracked, the PC board is broken and the read/write heads are mangled. Once destroyed, the data will no longer be retrievable.

Retail Price : AED 30,000.00

The Garner TS-1 Data Eliminator, an NSA Evaluated Products List High Security Degausser, utilizes Garner's proven solid-state technology to provide a 20,000 gauss erasing field ensuring complete hard drive and tape erasure of classified and "Top Secret" data.

  • NSA Evaluated Product
  • 20,000 Gauss Erasing Field
  • 45 Seconds Erasing Cycle
  • Middle East Specifications
Retail Price : AED 110,000.00

Using a Copy box 1-5 HDD Duplicator, you can either clone a single hard drive to 5 other hard drives, or use it to format ( quick format, complete format, erase data options)

  • Works for for both SATA Hard Drives and Solid State drives (HDD and SSD).
  • Duplicate five 2.5" or 3.5" drives from one master drive @ Max 6 GB/ minute, per port
  • Supports  all major file systems - NTFS, FAT16/32 , FAT32 ,HFS+, EXT2/3. And Sector to Sector copy for unsupported file systems
Retail Price : AED 17,000.00