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WD Gold is back.

A little background first - 8 Months back, WD announced the demise of their Gold Class enterprise hard drives, and prompted users to migrate to the ultrastar platform that they acquired from HGST.  Ultrastar is a solid platform with Proven reliability and it's available in SATA and SAS with various encryption and secure erase features. It made sense to only offer Ultrastar and discontinue Gold.  Except one thing -  Ultrastar was not a color like Gold.  

Consumers got used to associating gold with enterprise, and ultrastar just didn't fit with those consumers. So Gold was brought back again.

So now, we have 2 product lines within the enterprise portfolio - WD Gold and WD Ultrastar.  Both with 5 years warranty, both with similar MTBF and reliability.  There are some differentiation though

  • Gold is targeted towards prosumers who want to migrate from WD Red /Red Pro to higher grade of hard drives.  Ultrastar is targeted towards enterprise customers.
  • Gold will only be available in SATA 512e (SATA/512n in lower capacities).   Ultrastar will be available in SATA and SAS with 4Kn and 512e and various encryptions.
  • Gold part numbers won't change on new firmware upgrade. In Ultrastar major firmware or technology change will be marked by a different part number.
Models and part numbers of WD Gold are as follows

14TB WD141KRYZ 718037872674
12TB WD121KRYZ 718037854519
10TB WD102KRYZ 718037872681
8TB WD8004FRYZ 718037858104
6TB WD6003FRYZ 718037845470
4TB WD4003FRYZ 718037830612
2TB WD2005FBYZ 718037847924
1TB WD1005FBYZ 718037820132

Printronix has decided to utilize 100% recycled plastic resin on the cartridge ribbon enclosures. This recycled resin maintains the same high standards of Printronix cartridge ribbon quality, reliability, and print performance. They have tested the recycled resin under the same rigorous standards as the previous enclosure and found no difference in print performance, quality or reliability.

What it means for the customers

They get a cartridge that uses recycled casing and has minimal impact on the environment while maintaining the same high-quality standards of Printronix Ribbons. 

What it means for you. 
Many customers may approach you, asking about the difference in physical appearance. Tell them its normal to have differences in the appearance of the new product, which is lighter in color and has a matte finish. 

Refer to this image for details

Old Cartridge with New Plastic
New Cartridge with Recycled Plastic

Which Products are impacted:

• Printronix P8000/P7000 Series Cartridge Ribbons
• Printronix P8000/P7000 HD Series Cartridge Ribbons
• TallyGenicom TG6800/TG6600 Series Cartridge Ribbons
• Security Cartridge Ribbons
• Specialty Label Cartridge Ribbons


At the Synology Solutions Exhibition, Synology unveiled 3 New Models - a flash Station, a Unified controller and a Deep Video Analytics NVR.

  • DVA3219 : Deep Video Analytics NVR

    Synology DVA3219 will have Deep Video Analytics, powered by Nvidia Geforce GTX1050ti. Some of the Deep Video Analytics it will have will be - People Identification, mission object identification, and Anomaly Detection. Deep Learning and AI is definitely going to be there and the computing power required for this will come from GTX1050. The device will itself have only Intel Atom C3538 processor.

    This is going to be really interesting to see AI at work on this. Synology first introduced Synology Moments powered by AI, which could automatically identify places and objects in pictures. Now they have taken it further on the Surveillance too.
  • UC3200 - Unified Controller Series. 12 Bay Active-Active Dual Controller.

    This is Synology's First Active-Active Storage Server. Though we had the option of having Dual controller in a RC18015XS+ , this is the first single chassis Dual Controller. UC Stands for Unified Controller. This will have a Dual CPU and RAM, so in case of any Hardware failure, your services will still run uninterrupted. You still have to protect your hard drives since the only Redundancy hard drives has is that of RAID. If you want Double redundancy on the drives too, you can always make a HA cluster with 2 Synology Devices.
  • SA3400 - SAS Storage 12 Bay Rackmount with intel Xeon

    This Intel Xeon powered NAS will have SAS/SATA Drive Support. This will be interesting for Enterprise users looking for the Reliability and Performance of the SAS drives.

Release date of any of these is not yet confirmed.

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